Home Education

6 Session Forest School Programme

This is a Forest School programme for home educated children, aged 5-11 (KS1 and KS2) and their adult, which adopts the true Forest School Ethos. Your children will be provided with the opportunity to develop skills, interests and understanding through practical, hands-on experience of nature.

Our role as leaders and adults is to take a step back and allow children to take ownership of their play and learning. They are then able to discover their own interests and take managed risks. Freedom to choose where and how they play is a vital part of children’s development. When children are in ‘flow’ (completely absorbed in an activity they are doing), it is important we can give them the time and space they need to continue without adult interruption or interference. Of course, we will always be close by to keep them safe and scaffold their learning if needed.

Forest School takes place on a bi-weekly basis. The children are then able to develop their self-esteem and confidence in the natural world over an extended period, encompassing all seasons and weathers.

What might they do at Forest School?

The opportunities available to children at Forest School are limitless. They can choose to learn new skills or develop existing ones, with ropes, campfires, woodland craft, tree climbing, nature connection, tool work, storytelling, shelter building, dens, bushcraft, archery, games, and projects … or choose to take time to relax, connect with nature and themselves, socialise round the campfire, swing in the hammock and just ‘be’… or anything in between! The children will be having so much fun they won’t even realise they are learning!

There will be some activities set out for your child to take part in if they wish. The sessions are child-led however, so we try to react to the children’s interests on the day. If they don’t want to do the prepared activity and would rather do their own thing that is fine!

What will they learn at Forest School?

We hope that the children, over the course of the sessions, will learn how to manage risks and that they will grow in confidence and self-esteem. They will learn how to share and take turns, take pride in their achievements as they make, create, explore, and play.

When a child is making something, the focus is on the process of making/constructing/ assembling rather than the result.

Children will be encouraged to complete small, achievable tasks. Whilst here it is likely that your child will begin developing the sorts of personal qualities that provide the foundations for a happy and healthy childhood: resourcefulness, motivation, resilience, critical thinking,

persistence, determination, curiosity, humour, enthusiasm, empathy, and self-discipline to name a few.

All our Leaders are Forest School Leadership qualified, fully insured and DBS checked First Aid and Safeguarding trained.

Home Ed Group runs on Wednesday’s 1pm-3pm. £96 for 6 biweekly sessions over the summer term. 26th April, 10th May, 24th May, 14th June, 28th June, 12th July.

This is an accompanied session, suitable for children 5-11 and their adult.