Forest School

• Forest School is a unique and effective way of working with small groups of participants (typically up to 12). All the learning takes place on one of our designated sites in the woodland.

• The Forest School ethos of student-led learning in the forest environment has been well documented to have outstanding results and we have found that as well as being successful with pre-school and primary aged children it is also a very successful process of learning for KS 3 and 4 students, adults with additional needs, participants with mental health diagnoses, military veterans, the homeless, families and those with acquired head injury or other disabilities.

• To make Step-Out Forest School as safe and effective as possible all our Forest School Instructors hold the OCNWM Level 3 Forest School Leader qualification and a valid First Aid certificate. We have had several years of experience of working with children, students and adults with varying abilities and additional or complex needs.

• Our sites are maintained for optimum learning potential and are used exclusively by Step-Out groups. They are accessible and exciting for all ages and abilities and we work closely with you to determine the most appropriate site for your students.

To obtain the best possible results with your group we advise that you book the longest programme possible (minimum of six weekly sessions), as confidence and learning opportunities will grow as the participants begin to interact with the forest environment and build a relationship with the Step-Out Instructors. Typically programmes include fire-lighting and management, outdoor cooking, working with hand tools, construction using natural materials (wood and clay), ropework, bushcraft and survival activities and natural arts and crafts. For KS1 and 2, Forest School is predominantly learning through play and their imagination is fantastic – be prepared to hide in dens, play with clay, ‘go fishing’ in the brook, ‘trap bears’, use natural paints, etc.

• Pre-Programme Visit in your school/centre for approximately 1.5 hours (this is not always necessary but can be very useful when working with students/participants with additional needs or behaviour issues. It can help answer questions, allay fears and make the transition smoother) = £50

• Forest School Programmes – from £90 for a half-day or £150 for a full school day


In some circumstances we are able to offer a Forest School programme on your site (subject to appropriate facilities being available). Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.