Tree Babies

Our next 6 wk Tree Babies programmes are:

Faversham – Sundays starting 12th Sept to 17th Oct

Smeeth, Ashford – Mondays starting 13th Sept to 18th Oct

Tree Babies is a six-week programme for babies from birth to approximately 12 months and their caregivers. Step-Out run classes in two wonderful locations: The Abbey Physic Community Garden in Faversham on a Sunday morning, and at the Step-Out HQ woodland in Smeeth near Ashford on a Monday afternoon.

Connection is everything at Tree Babies – connection with nature, connection with our baby, by using slings and carriers, and connection with each other through shared experiences. Each class centers on relaxation and mindfulness through breathing exercises, nature bathing, and creative activity. The focus is as much on you as on your baby in our classes and we have time dedicated for you to socialise with your fellow caregivers. We aim to create a 90-minute oasis of calm and breathing space in your week! Please note that babywearing through using slings and carriers is expected in this programme but if you are physically unable to use a carrier, please contact Laura at to discuss accessibility.